Nigeria's DIY Approach to fixing the challenges in the Nation. Crowdfunding economic growth and development.

Nigeria is a country with over 200 Million people yet we have looked up to the government of the Nation to impact the change we seek but very little development had been achieved for over 50 years. We don't need to riot, rally or complain. We just need to take responsibility and understand that our decisions and inactions also contributes towards the current challenges we are experiencing. We have misplaced priorities and our self-centered nature is what has fueled the level of corrupt practices in Nigeria. If we can unite and work together, we can have better Educational system and institutions, great healthcare services and affordable homes for all. We need to

Nigeria's DIY Approach to fixing the challenges in the Nation. Crowdfunding economic growth and development.
We have hoped for a better tomorrow, begged for it and yet still can't figure out why we are yet to achieve it. We should have good educational system and institutions, best Healthcare system, Affordable Housing plans, more tech hubs and industries, specifically in the areas of Green industries and Agriculture.
Some might believe we do not have what it takes to attain this goals yet and in the process create a legacy for the future. We might also want to believe the only way to attain this, will be to insist that the government make it happen. But repeating the same strategy even when we know it had never worked is what I believe should be classified as a failed strategy and no company or organization will continue in such a way. 
Nigeria can and will be better if we could agree that we are the reason it has experienced slow growth and development and we can act together to make the Nation we so much desire to have a reality.
We can have great educational system and institutions like the top 3 universities in the world. MIT, Stanford University, and Harvard University. It's important we identify the similarities we share with the country this institutions are. Hence the reason why two of this private non-profit research institution are placed 1st and 3rd except for Stanford which is simply a private research university. 
Good Education is very important towards the growth of a Nation hence the reason why it's first on the list. We have over 200 Million citizens in Nigeria out of which a minimum of 15 Million citizens can afford to purchase a smartphone. However that doesn't mean the rest can't contribute towards the economic growth of the Nation. It's also a clear fact that one way or the other one third of the Nigeria population pay tax. Let's peg it at N500 ($1.13) per month. If a total of 15 Million sponsors a DIY movement towards the growth and development of the Nation we will have raised a total of N7.5Billion (over $22 Million) if $=440.
Healthcare is also important towards the growth and development of the Nation. Since 2015, 300,000 people and 4000 companies began a crowdfunding for a eight storey building hospital project in Busharest Romania. The hospital is expected to be fully operational early 2021. Romanians frustrated at country's insufficient healthcare took a DIY Approach in solving the problem.

In 2019, Stefan Mandachi, a 33 year old entrepreneur in Romania, was also fed up of is country's poor highway infrastructure and decided to privately commission a one-metre-long stretch of motorway at a personal cost of $5000 as an act of protest against the government. 
The Healthcare sector can improve if we can work together to achieve this goal however it will be more efficient with more awareness and creation of affordable healthcare insurance plans for the citizens.
In the area of affordable housing for all. I have hoped for a time when everybody can afford to own the roof over there head. But in a country like Nigeria it's a very big challenge however this can be resolved by creating affordable rent-to-own homes and properties. With reference to "the city of Rawabi" in palastine built not by government but by the people few years ago at a very difficult time and with many challenges which included insufficient water supply, yet they still succeeded. Bashar Masri never stopped believing in what many called the impossible. All it took was a well planned out strategy and a long list of partnerships.

N7.5 Billion surely can't fund all this projects. Hence the reason why we need invest more in being innovative and productive as a Nation. For years we have underutilized the resources we have in our nation and have cared very little about how we can also benefit from what a few had being controlling.
We need to invest in sectors that will significantly boost our GDP and also profit the masses. Crude oil and other natural resources the few yet wealthy people and organization have vested interest in. We need to leverage on our climate condition by investing in Green industries, and Agriculture. We need to start investing in mechanized farming systems, produce quality finished goods instead of exporting raw produce like cocoa. We need to improve on our knowledge in the area of science and technology by bringing in technical-know hows and professionals from skillful and well developed counties instead of investing so much Naira in Dollars to send just a few people  to those developed counties. This year, I have witnessed 3 crowdfunded sponsorship for an aspiring educationist and a law student who both managed to raise huge funds to go study oversea and a lady who became famous via a reality TV show. All this funds could also make a huge positive impact here in Nigeria. With the current technological age, we don't need to go meet or gain knowledge overseas anymore when we can simply bring the knowledge, science and technology to us even at a very affordable rate for everyone that's willing to learn. We have to change our thinking for the better.