PSTM Token

What is PSTM

PSTM is the PressStorm utility token built on the Tron blockchain with the TRC20 smart contact

PSTM Contact address:    TAGuRtPv9sVJCzXc8Bq9Q32SbPtuFFXo2p

What can PSTM token be used for?

  • PressStorm is a utility token specially created for . It is used for the following
  • Purchasing banner advertisement space 
  • Paying for Press Release post on pressStorm
  • Buying Twitter retweet by pressstorm community members
  • Pay for sharing a post with press storm newsletter subscribers and sharing post on Telegram channel or group

How to buy PSTM Token

In order to buy a PSTM token, you will need to swap your Tron(TRX) token for PSTM token on JustSwap

How do I receive PSTM Token?  You receive PSTM in your TRC20 wallet. We recommend you use the Tronlink wallet on chrome extension or the Tronlink android and apple apps. Please NOTE: Do not use  trc20 exchange wallet address to receive PSTM token.

PressStorm Airdrop 

New airdrop: Press Storm (PSTM)
Reward: 1000 PSTM ($50)
Rate: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Focus: Token will be distributed on January 29, 2021

Bot airdrop Link: airdrop Page

Register on Press Storm Website
Join Press Storm Telegram Group  
Join Press Storm Telegram Channel
Follow Press Storm on Twitter , Like and Retweet Pinned Post
Follow Press Storm on Facebook Page and share the latest post
Submit your TRC-20 wallet address and other info
Also, get 100 PTSM for each referral

Note: This airdrop will end on January 9, 2021. Tokens will be distributed to your TRC-20 wallet address on January 29, 2021.

Additional Information:
Press Storm  is a multi-blog social media platform that rewards bloggers and content creators with (PSTM Token) for their unique contents. Content creators are rewarded with PSTM token based on their contents page views and post comments unique value

What is TRX?

TRONIX is a MainNet token based on the TRON Protocol issued by TRON Foundation, known as TRX.

TRX is the basic unit of accounts on the TRON blockchain. The value of all other tokens derives from that of TRON. TRX is also a natural medium currency for all TRC-based tokens. TRX connects the entire TRON ecosystem, with abundant application scenarios that power transactions and applications on the chain.

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